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Zipper Repair Kit

Fix Zippers Like a Pro, Wherever You Go

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  • A broken zipper can keep your tent flap from closing, or your pack from opening—not an ideal situation. The typical culprit? The innocent-looking zipper slider. Now, with the Zipper Repair Kit by Gear Aid®, you have the power to fix any troublesome zipper slider. The kit contains an assortment of zipper sliders, a sewing kit and instructions—everything you need to perform emergency in-field or at-home zipper slider repairs.

    Don’t throw away expensive outdoor gear or let an adventure go bust because of a broken zipper slider. Replace it fast and make it last with the Zipper Repair Kit by Gear Aid.

    • Easy to use zipper repair kit for luggage, clothing, jackets and outdoor gear
    • Replace broken zipper sliders at home or in the field
    • Contains an assortment of zipper sliders, a sewing kit and instructions
    • Includes 6 Sliders: #10 Coil Single, #8 Coil Double, #5 Coil Double, #5 Coil Single, #5 VISLON® Single, #3 Coil Single
    • Kit also includes: seam ripper, 2 #16 sewing needles, black thread, 10 top stops
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      Absolutely a must have

      I happened upon this kit while in Big Ray's, Army/Navy store at 320 W 4th Ave Anchorage, Alaska. I had an expensive suitcase from an airport Brookstone store and TSA managed to break the zipper on the first time I flew with it. I couldn't return it, so it sat for a while. This kit was the solution I had been hoping for. It contains 4 sizes with a pair of one size. It also has 2 stout needles, thick thread, and a seam ripper. 15 minutes after I began, my suitcase is as good as new. I plan on packing one of these in my hunt kit, camping and just around the house.

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      Not as described

      I excitedly awaited the arrival of my zipper repair kit. But was totally disappointed when the size zipper slider coil I needed (No. 10) was not in the kit. The kit is therefore totally USELESS. And to add insult to injury, on the package card there is a disclaimer in fine print: "If necessity demands, Gear Aid reserves the right to make reasonable substitutions to the items contained in this kit"! Wow, what good is it if it doesn't come with the size slider needed and wanted????

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