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  • Op Drops™ Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaning System
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Op Drops™ Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaning System

Clear Vision for a Better Outdoor Experience

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  • Clear vision is critical for any operation or outdoor pursuit as fogging lenses or optics can be downright dangerous. That’s why you should carry the anti-fog power of Op Drops™ by McNett® Tactical on every mission.

    Op Drops Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaning System is a gentle, alcohol-free cleaner designed to keep all of your lenses, optics and eyewear free of frustrating fog. Squeeze the Op Drops lens cleaning formula on binoculars, sunglasses, spotting scopes, helmet visors, goggles and eye shields. Then wipe with the attached microfiber cleaning cloth (which doubles as a carrying pouch) for lint-free cleaning power. Your lenses will be clean, clear and protected against fogging.

    Fog-free, clear vision is a must for every operation. Get it fast with Op Drops.

    • Superior Anti-Fog Protection Decreases Fogging
    • 400 Applications in 1.25oz Bottle
    • Lens Cleaning System Enhances Optical Performance
    • Extends Lens Life
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/Carry Pouch Attaches to Op Drops Bottle
    • Alcohol-Free Formula Safe for All Lenses and Lens Coatings
    • Made in USA
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      OP Drops were effective

      I used the OP Drops on a recent motorcycle ride during a cold January day. There was a lot of humidity in the air and the drops definitely helped to keep the inside of my visor free from fog. My visibility through the visor was improved too, so it's also a great cleaning solution.

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      Didn't Prevent Fogging

      I have tried just about every anti fog on the market for my sunglasses and Rx inserts in my goggles. I thought I'd give th Op Drops a shot because I love all of the other McNetts products I've used. Unfortunately, my sunglasses still fogged right after using the Op Drops.

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